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Most of the students that arrive abroad are first time visitors. To guide them through the maze of their new land, AusCanUS has designed programs that address every big and small issue of the first day. This includes pre-departure sessions that assist the students get through the necessaries of flight preparation, passport handling and general procedures. Similar intensive programs are offered as On-Arrival services too. The students are guided through the sudden flood of important tasks such as local travel, university registration, phone registration, setting-up of bank account and accommodation concerns. AusCanUS definitely know the initial days’ daze, and we only rest until the student is settled well in his new home!


Visa application can become a very frustrating process! Usually, after the end of all arrangements and choices, it is the Visa approval that gets your journey hanging in hope. AusCanUS has been smoothening this process through very clear and expert guidance. We are a one-stop destination for all visa solutions! AusCanUS is networked with experts from immigration bodies and gains constant insights about the right way of application. This includes the form filling, appointment, paper work, financial disclosures, payments, interview and everything else you can imagine. We completely take the load from your shoulders.