About Us

Auscanus Consultants

AusCanUS has single and clear focus - to make distance meaningless. We are a pioneer organization that helps students and professional aspirants from all over the world in materializing their dreams of travelling abroad for study and work. We know that the world is still not flat. Students and Professionals traveling abroad for broader opportunities face many challenges in choice, mobility and settlement. Adding to this, the world of migration laws is becoming more uncertain each day. AusCanUS is an established Education and Migration that has been working tirelessly to make these challenges simpler.Through our range of products, we have assisted innumerable aspirants at every step of their journey to Australia, Canada and the USA. From Visa Services to University selection; we have a proven track-record of delivery at all levels. Our team of accredited educational and migration consultants bring in years of insight and experience to every client. Most importantly, we understand the financial and cultural investment that one makes while choosing to leave home land. All our services are committed to this understanding.

  • Independent and free of charge service
  • Networked closely with the best Universities
  • Expert Visa guidance
  • Thorough and well-updated directory of immigration laws and regulation
  • Personalized orientation sessions for pre-departure and on-arrival events
  • Financial and Scholarship guidance